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About Hyperized Hosting

People come to us asking: Why should we get a Hyperized Hosting server? We find the answer rather obvious:

Because we provide exellent servers with expert support!

Hyperized Hosting is a Dutch, Europe based hosting provider. We offer quality game-, voip- and web hosting services for consumers and businesses.
Our business stands for a better, clearer and faster aproach to the cluttered hosting industry. We do this by telling our customers everything they want to know about us. We see no point in hiding the server specifcations or network statistics, this is public information and the customer deserves to know this information.

At Hyperized Hosting we use the latest technology in terms of servers, networks and support systems. We want people to know we care about a good quality of service. An example of this is the way we threat our support calls. Using ITIL™ scalable techniques in our support framework to make sure we keep track of our services and give our support staff direct access to all the information they need. You won't need to hear a single: 'I cannot see the answer to the problem on this screen' again, it's is our job to know.

Beside our daily business we also focus on community support. To serve this goal we launched a sponsoring program where we select two community serving parties each month and grant them requested free service(s). We are using our own developed knowlegde of gaming and hosting to create a developer for developer platform where we share information with community developers to improve our services and allow developers to enhance our service platform.

If that did not answer the question think about the fact that we love what we do, we take great pride in serving a quality service. We are involved, curious and always looking for innovative ideas to shape the industry. In short, Hyperized Hosting is a Dutch quality hosting provider that aims to clear the cluttered hosting industry utilizing the involvement in the community to improve services. We love what we do and we hope you too will soon join our long list of satisfied customers.

In other words: Get Hyperized!

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