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The following Terms and Conditions govern your rights and obligations with, and those of in relation to the Services offered by By registering with, and/or using the Web Site you agree to these Terms and Conditions.


* "User" refers to any person(s) using the Web Site or registering with
* "Cookies" are groups of information sent from a HTTP server to a Web Browser, and then sent back by the Browser each time it accesses the server.
* "Services" means the services, such as clan servers, offered by, via the Web Site or other means.
* "Web Site" refers to the web site hosted at or any other part of the site relating to
* " Admin" means any person designated with the responsibility of running and/or maintaining and any of its Services.
* "Server" means single game process.


Each User agrees to register using his/her correct name, address and other required details. Change of these details must be reported to immediately.
Registration/Sign-up with is free of charge.

Email reserves the right to email the User regarding any key aspects of service, and will presume that the emails will have been read. It is the User's responsibility to ensure their registered email is valid. The User accepts that is not at fault if the User does not read any emails sent by to their registered email address, and therefore the User is unaware of any change of service or the like.

Web Site Changes and Service

Changes to the Website and Services
It is accepted by the User that may alter any aspect of the Web Site, and the Services provided without due notification to the User. The User will have no claim of breach of contract or otherwise in relation to any such alteration. reserve the right to monitor their Services for abuse, and the User agrees to comply with any such monitoring.

Privacy will not sell or pass on any private or personal information and details given by the User to any third party organisation, unless with the permission or request of the User. reserves the right to use the information supplied by the User to develop general statistics. This will be a general survey, and not detail any specific User. reserves the right to publish any statistics connected to their Services. The information published may be derived from server logs or any other means necessary. However, this will not contain any private information from our databases.

Use of Services

The User acknowledges that some remote console commands are restricted, particularly any commands allowing you to change any aspect of a server to a service other than that which has been paid for, such as the player limit. Any exploitation of these commands may result in a formal warning and/or suspension from any of the Services, but not limited to either.
If the User has any queries regarding the restricted commands they should contact a Admin.

User Conduct

The User agrees and accepts that in using any of the Services, Web Site or any other aspect of service relating to, it shall:
* Use the Web Site only for purposes abiding to the law, and in a way that does not restrict, infringe or inhibit the rights or use of the Web Site by any other User or third party.
* Not act in a manner that is unlawful, or harass, upset, distress, or cause any inconvenience to any other person.
* Not act is a manner that degrades, satirises, or negatively impacts in the Internet community.
* Not insult any Hyperized employee. Hyperized Hosting employees retain the right to suspend a active account for any period of time without right of restitution.
* Not upload, transmit, display distribute or post links to, or in part or full, any information or material of which they do not own copyright or have permission for, any material which is illegal or harmful, abusive, racist or ethnically objectionable, pornographic or obscene, disturbing, threatening, upsetting, distressing or any of the like.
* Not upload, divulge, distribute, post or transmit any information, which can cause or contains a computer virus, or any other form of code or file that will affect the use of the Web Site or any other User in any way.
* Not send, or assist in the sending, of any unsolicited emails, documents or the like, or any form of action that will affect the Web Site, Users or Services of
* The gaming server is for the sole purpose of hosting a game process. It may not be used to host files, downloads or similar, this includes the uploading of any files, images or software not directly associated with the running of the game process.
*Not unlock a "private" server.
* Uploading any updated maps, mods is upto the user. In special circumstances will help, for example with new releases of large files, but the day to day management is down to the user.
* Player limit increase is not permitted (this includes spectators) without the prior permission of and payment of the difference in rental prices. We are unable to offer refunds to clans who wish to reduce player numbers for any reason.
* Accept that may be involved with the services of other companies, or operate on the networks supplied by other companies. Users must be aware that they will be bound by the Terms and Conditions of these other companies.
* Allow to record actions on its game servers and other Services, and that these may be recorded in the form of game demos, game logs, server statistics, screenshots and any other format necessary.
* Act with respect to other Users of Services and the Web Site. Abuse, maliciousness, racism, prejudice, or any of the like that can cause any distress, upset or discomfort to any person will not be tolerated.
* Accept that do not tolerate cheats, or any Users that use any program, application, code or likewise to gain an unfair advantage over other Users, and may prevent them from using any of the Services and aspects of the Web Site.
* Only one game process is permitted to run on users server. The user is responsible for ensuring that they have permission to use any mods or maps used on their server.

Server Modification

Server modifications are allowed, but we do NOT provide support for it.
* We do NOT provide support on any modifications on the servers. For support on the modification you should contact the author or the community support for it.
* We will install mods on request. This mostly aplies to populair mods.

Non-Compliance with Terms and Conditions

Non-Compliance with the Terms and Conditions laid out by may result in the User being subject to:
* A formal warning
* Permanent suspension from any of the Services or Web Site
* Termination of a Users membership with
* Temporary suspension from any of the Services or Web Site
A User will not be limited to one of the above.
The action taken by regarding any non-complying User will be decided by one or more of the Admins, and will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Cookies use session cookies to improve and grant access to some parts and aspects of the Web Site. If a User disables the use of session cookies they will not be able to login, and therefore may find access to certain Services restricted.
Faults, Downtime and Errors The User accepts that there may occasionally be problems with computers and telecommunication systems. Consequently the User accepts that there may be periods of downtime, relating to the Services and/or Web Site, in which the User cannot access these. However, will maintain reasonable effort to minimise these periods. The User accepts that is such cases of downtime, they will have no claim of breach of contract. When possible will notify the User of predicted downtime and/or scheduled downtime for upgrades, updates and the like.


Some parts of the Web Site may contain hypertext links to other Web Sites of a third party organisation. These are provided solely for convenience purposes, and not as authorisation to view or access these web sites. Gaming do not accept any reasonability for the content of these third party web sites, and will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or expenses resulting in the use of such their party web sites, nor their services.

Copyright and other intellectual property rights

The User accepts that all copyrights, trademarks, design rights and other intellectual property rights, (either registered or unregistered) belong to, and the User agrees not to infringe any of these rights. No copying, distributing, modification or the like, of the Website and material is permitted. No resale or supply of any material is permitted.
The User accepts that some material is supplied under licence to, and therefore the intellectual property rights in such cases belong to the licensor.
The User agrees not to upload, display, post or the like, any material of which they do not own the intellectual property rights. The User agrees to absolve of any responsibility, cost, losses, damages or expenses arising from any posted, displayed or uploaded material of which infringes the intellectual property rights of any third party, including, but not limited to, any claims that are made.


The User accepts that, its employees, managers, and representatives of any kind cannot be held responsible or be liable for any damages, costs, loss or expenses arising either directly or indirectly from the User downloading any of the content of the Website or using any of the Services, including but not limited to claims thereof. Admins are not responable for their chatter on MSN or any other instant message methodes.


The User shall indemnify against any and all claims, damages, actions, liabilities, costs and expenses including reasonable lawyer's fee and expenses arising out of:
The User breaching or its non-observance of these Terms and Conditions; or
Any breach or inaccuracy in any of the User's representation or warranties.

Acceptance of Terms

By using any of the Services provided by, either by registering or anonymously, the User agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions. Failure to comply will result in the User not having permission to use these Services, and they should no longer partake in doing so.